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Coleus Forskohlii Capsules

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Product Description

  • Pure Coleus Forskohlii root extract standardized to contain 10% Forskolin.
  • Forskolin is one of the most potent inotropic agent and has been studied extensively in modern medicine.
  • Has been used for centuries in the Ayurvedic system to maintain blood pressure, heart health, and general health.
  • Forskohlii plants are the only source of Forskolin known so far.
  • NO SIDE EFFECTS! unlike allopathic drugs that are strong stimulants.
  • Each capsule contains only non-GMO, natural ingredients.
  • Certified quality. Your purchase has met strict quality and safety standards.
  • Backed by our responsive and knowledgeable customer support.
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  • Bottle Size: 60 capsules per bottle
  • Recommended Serving: 2 capsule per day
  • Maximum Serving: 3 capsules per day
  • Dosage: 250 mg per serving

What is Forskohlii and what is forskolin?

Coleus Forskohlii is an ancient root mentioned in Ayurveda that belongs to the family Labiatae. It is traditionally used as blood purifier, hypotensive, diuretic, and to maintain healthy heart. It is also extensively used as pickle in almost every home in western India. In 1974, researchers in Germany recognized its potential and first isolated the active component, Forskolin. So far Forskohlii root is the only known plant source to have Forskolin.

What are the known benefits of Forskolin?

Within a number of pharmacological studies various medicinal properties have been ascribed to Forskolin. Studies in the western world described the therapeutic effects of Forskolin as being a hypotensive, antispasmodic, positive inotrophic, vasodilator, anti-platelet aggregation, a bronchodilator, anti-glaucoma agent, and recently for weight management and obesity.

How does forskolin benefit the heart

Due to its unique ability to activate the enzyme, Adenylate Cyclase, in the absence of a functional guanine nucleotide regulatory protein Forskolin was recognized as one of the most potent ionotropic agent. In a 1984 study at Stanford University, USA, Forskolin was found to be 6.13 times more potent than Isoproterenol in failing human heart. Similarly, it was also reported that the myocardial tension generation in mitral regurgitation patients was severely depressed, and that these effects were reversed by Forskolin. In dogs Forskolin was a positive inotropic agent that ameliorated heart failure parameters. An Ayurvedic clinical trial with 22 geriatric patients (Systolic blood pressure (SBP) >140mmHg and Diastolic blood pressure (DBP) >90mmHg) who were given 1400 mg Forskohlii root tablet three times a day for two months found 10% decrease in SBP and 8.65% decrease in DBP. One of the advantages of Forskolin (Forskohlii) is that its effect remains the same even after years of continuous use whereas the effects of general B-agonists (Isoproterenol) decreases due to decrease in the expression of receptors. Since, Forskolin does not need receptors and directly act on the enzyme its effect remains the same. Indeed in one study it was reported that the inotropic effectiveness of the, isoproterenol and the phosphodiesterase inhibitors milrinone, was markedly reduced in cardiac muscles from the patients with heart failure. In contrast, the effectiveness of inotropic stimulation with Forskolin was preserved.

How does forskolin benefit in weight management

The effects of forskolin on adenyl cyclase and increased cAMP have been described in isolated cell preparations as well as in intact tissue. If this mechanism is also active in vivo in humans (not completely proved) after forskolin ingestion, it could result in an activation of hormone-sensitive lipase, and increase lipolysis enabling greater fat oxidation. It has been demonstrated that forskolin can stimulate lipolysis in adipose tissue in rats.

Recently, Forskohlii was investigated for its weight loss effects in mildly over weight women in a double blind and randomized manner, 23 females (250 mg of 10% Forskolin (n=7) or a placebo (n=12) two times per day for 12-wks. While no significant differences were observed in caloric intake the treatment with Forskohlii tended to mitigate gains in body mass within 12 weeks only. The subjects also reported less fatigue, hunger, and fullness. Similarly in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study for 12 weeks in obese men (BMI>26 kg/m2; treatment, n =15; placebo, n =15) Forskolin (250mg Forskohlii; 10% Forskolin) decreased body fat percentage and fat mass compared with the placebo group. Additionally, serum free testosterone levels were significantly increased in the forskolin group compared with the placebo group.

forskolin Supplement safe to use?

Forskohlii supplement is safe to consume a supplement. In fact forskohlii has been used safely by millions of people of all ages and genders in Indian sub-continent as a pickle. However, lack of studies caution that forskolin should not be consumed by pregnant women, or people with heart conditions, or people psychotic conditions, without consultations by a healthcare provider. Consumption of forskolin in more than recommended dosage could lead to unwanted reactions and is not advisable.

How Inconnates forskohlii extract capsule is different?

Inconnate Healthcare manufactures according to GMP guidelines using finest quality USDA and India organic raw material available. Inconnate's forskolin product has been evaluated through stringent quality control tests as prescribed by WHO and EMA standard. You will enjoy our rich knowledge base and excellent customer service. Despite all of these, Inconnate's forskolin capsules are affordable.

How quickly forskohlii can work?

There are only a few short studies that evaluated the potential of forskolin for weight management. Based on the studies it will probably take a 3-4 months to notice its effect. Please refer to the studies mentioned above keeping in mind that these studies have not been evaluated by the FDA.

List of Studies

Louis A. Mulieri, Bruce J. Leavitt, Barbara J. Martin, Joe R. Haeberle, Norman R. Alpert; Myocardial Force-Frequency Defect in Mitral Regurgitation Heart Failure Is Reversed by Forskolin. Circulation Vol 88, No 6, 1993, 2700-2704.

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M D Feldman, L Copelas, J K Gwathmey, P Phillips, S E Warren, F J Schoen, W Grossman, and J P Morgan; Deficient production of cyclic AMP: pharmacologic evidence of an important cause of contractile dysfunction in patients with end-stage heart failure. Circulation. 1987;75:331-339.

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Shonteh Henderson, Bahrat Magu, Chris Rasmussen, Stacey Lancaster, Chad Kerksick, Penny Smith, Charlie Melton, Patty Cowan, Mike Greenwood, Conrad Earnest, Anthony Almada, Pervis Milnor, Terri Magrans, Rodney Bowden, Song Ounpraseuth, Ashli Thomas, & Richard B. Kreider; Effects of Coleus Forskohlii Supplementation on Body Composition and Hematological Profiles in Mildly Overweight Women. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. 2(2): 54-62, 2005.

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