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Mission Statement

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking." - Henry Ford (1863-1947)

Inconnate Healthcare LLP is a food supplement company aiming to cater the needs our customers who look for authentic, tested and trusted products for their healthcare needs. There is paucity of authentic and tested food supplement products in our markets. This is primarily because of the lack of appropriate tests, lack of knowledge among the manufacturers, and lack of testing standards. We bring our expertise in pharmaceutical research and manufacturing business to fulfill this void and provide our valued customers with 100% guaranteed authentic products based on the rigorous quality and pharmacological tests performed in our state-of-art laboratories. We begin by procuring our raw herbs from the USDA approved plants to avoid harmful insecticides and pesticides. We adopted some of the rigorous tests approved and practiced by the European medical Agency and the US FDA thus bringing in the testing standards recognized globally. Inconnate Healthcare guarantees the safety of its products even for some of our most fragile customers like children and elderly. Inconnate Healthcare is built on the strong foundation of customer-service and therefore we promise your satisfaction through our tested and authentic product. We will do everything possible to earn your trust for the betterment of your health care needs and building a stronger healthier society.


We have a three-step strategy to ensure the achievement of our mission statement.

Grow - We strive to grow on our foundation of strong commitment to better community health by providing safe and quality products.

Simplify - We simplify our products by using raw herbal products instead of the processed extracts. As proven by extensive research the raw herbal products retain their therapeutic values better and do not contain harmful chemicals from processing steps.

Responsibility - We feel responsible to provide our community with the tested, safe, effective, and quality products for a better health. That is why we have a comprehensive panel of quality tests for all of our raw and finished products.


Our goal is to promote the idea of quality and reliability of unregulated herbal products and to supply quality herbal products into the markets for our consumers. This can be achieved by reinforcing the idea of efficacy testing and biomarker testing of the. In Future, we aim to extend our philosophy to all the healthcare products including but not limited to the allopathic medications, healthcare items such as surgical items, and medical supplies.