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Facilities And Equipment's

Our analytical laboratory is currently equipped with modern equipments like;

  • HPLC (1 quaternary and 2 binary)
  • GC with Head space,
  • Flash Chromatograph
  • FTIR for sensitive analysis.
  • Standard machines like UV spectrophotometer, Refractometer, Polarimeter, pH meter and Conductometer.
  • Dissolution apparatus and Disintegration apparatus,
  • Friability tester.
  • Our capabilities are enhanced by having Rotary vacuum evaporator, Freeze drier, standard Oven, Vacuum Oven, Centrifuges, sensitive Analytical balances, Muffle furnace, and a 3 Piece Microscope.

Our physiological lab is situated in Ahmedabad, India. Our laboratory is currently capable of housing rodents (rats and mice) in standard day night schedule with 24 hour veterinary support and animal handlers. Our personals are specifically trained in animal handling. All our projects are strictly undertaken in our direct supervision.