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In this era of globalization and competitive world, manufactures face pressures to keep production pipelines full, manage product portfolio, research and development, and brand value all while maintaining the cost. While it is easy to maintain the safety of herbal products, it is often difficult to maintain the quality of the herbal products because of heterogeneity of the raw material itself. Our state of the art FDA-approved laboratory, our expert personal, and infrastructure are available to enhance your goals and ensure quality and safety of the herbal products, vitamins, and minerals. Our infrastructure is equipped and our personal are trained to undertake toxicity analysis, microbial testing, biomarker testings, or physiological testings in acute animal models/ tissues to test efficacy, toxicity, and PK/PD. We will work with you on your projects that may need method development, processes optimization, and validation while following standard guidelines. We also welcome client specific protocols and customize our services to meet sponsor?s individual requirement accurately and effectively with the context of regulatory guidelines.