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Who We Are

Inconnate Healthcare LLP is a small-scale business based in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. We are dynamic and rapidly growing company specializing in food supplements like herbal products, and other nutritional supplements. Our product line is chosen with intent to help improve the general well-being and health of our clients. Our products are uniquely selected to represent those herbs that have proven their health benefits from hundreds of years of use in various civilizations across the globe. These ethonobotanical facts prompted scientists all over the world to conduct clinical and biological studies. Numerous studies have proven the health benefits of these herbs to be true. We proudly procure our herbs from USDA approved farms and manufacture our formulations as per WHO GMP standards. Moreover, we have adopted some of the rigorous safety tests approved and practiced by US FDA and European Medical Agency (EMA); thus bringing in the testing standards recognized globally.

Additionally, we provide variety of services. These include services like quality analysis, pre-clinical studies, toxicity studies, and formulation development. We work hard to provide support and optimized solutions to conquer unique challenges. Our experienced specialists are trained and positioned to work with you for your laboratory needs as per the WHO, cGMP, ICH, and various international guidelines. This expertise when used in coordination with our convenient distribution network satisfies the need to meet today's growing demand for pure and healthy ingredients.

What makes us unique? It's simple. It's our people. Our ability to bring you, the highest level of quality, extensive support, and the most innovative solutions possible. Headquartered in India, Inconnate has conveniently located distribution centers and branch offices In US and Asia Pacific. Our resources are very unique, and can be used in endless combinations. They are coordinated in the perfect balance that's best for you. We create our success by improving your health.

Inconnate Philosophy

It is almost impossible for anyone to exceed expectations unless they are doing it on purpose. Exceptional and consistent performance is due to our technical expertise, flawless execution and tenacity. We achieve all these while maintaining the highest ethical standards.